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5 Subtle Lifestyle Changes To Make For An Impactful 2018

How close are we to starting a fresh year? 2017 is literally ending in 5 days!!! And I feel like reading about setting new year resolutions everywhere is getting kind of old for most...

Doesn’t Taste So Healthy Smoothie????

Decided to share one of my favorite smoothie recipes that's easy to make, and perfect for a rainy day if you're stuck at home like me.  Home all day today, and too lazy to...

Aquamarine Waters of Cancun

Relaxed at the beautiful and tranquil beaches of the Hard Rock resort in Cancun, Mexico. There was little else to do but swim at the clear aquamarine waters. The nature of this tropical heaven...

Exercising While Traveling

I travel pretty frequently with work and over the years have learned that jogging is the best way to squeeze in an exercise during travel time. It gives you the chance to explore the...
30-Day Weight-Loss Challenge for Summer

30-Day Weight Loss Challenge To Get In Shape for Summer

Thinking about a quick solution to losing weight? My "30-Day Weight-Loss Challenge" post from last year (2016) already got saved by 2.7K people on Pinterest, and the blog article was read 3192 times. MAYBE...

Breakfast Shake This Morning… Super Quick & Yummy

Made a quick shake this morning for breakfast.  Literally took ten minutes from start to finish (time includes washing fruits). Add strawberries, blueberries, banana, sliced almonds, almond milk (your choice of nut milk),  2-scoops...

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