I hate doing cardio, and always look for new fun ways to encourage myself to do it without being on a treadmill. Jumping rope is one of my preferred ways of doing cardio because I burn calories while having fun. So while looking for a new jump rope I decided to try the  “Tangram Factory Smart Rope LED”, sold exclusively at Apple.

Smart Rope by Tangram (jump rope)
Smart Rope by Tangram (jump rope)

The rope comes with 23 embedded-LEDs which display your jump count mid-air and in real time. The handles have smart technology to enhance more of a natural motion. Smart Rope can also be paired up with an app called “Smart Gym Pro” on your Apple Watch/iPhone.The App records complete jumps, workout times, and calories burned, creating an “anywhere, anytime” fitness experience. This means NOT having to visit gym when you’re busy. It also allows you to get awards, and compete with friends using the app.

Tangram Factory Smart Rope LED
Don’t worry…Only you can see the numbers. LOL

After trying out the smart rope I have to say that seeing the numbers as you jump is pretty cool. Now, the tricky part is that the info isn’t always displayed in front of your eyes. Sometimes the number shows up on the floor, and sometimes it shows higher than eye level. You can adjust it to eye level by changing the grip of the handles to a different slope.  I personally liked the display on the floor better since most floors are darker than the wall/mirror in front of you so it makes it easier to see that number. I also like the fact that it continues counting from where you last paused so you don’t start from a scratch every time you take a break.

Smart Gym Pro App Watch View
Smart Gym Pro App Watch View
Smart Gym Pro App On Phone
Smart Gym Pro App Phone View

What I didn’t like right away is that the charger of the smart rope is not included in the package, which means you have to buy your own. It charges off of a Universal USB data charger so most people usually have one at home but still found that to be an inconvenience. Another down side is the pairing of the rope with the “Smart Phone” App on your phone. It doesn’t always seem to connect well but you still see the number of jumps  on the rope without connecting to the app.

Smart rope costs about $80 and is sold in different sizes (size depends on your height). You’ll love this product if you already do jump-rope or if you are looking to add a new way of encouraging yourself to break a sweat!

Smart Rope Carrying Pouch
Smart Rope Carrying Pouch (included)

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