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Fruit Label

Fruit Labels… How to Pick the RIGHT Produce for your Health

A few days ago my mother casually advised me to pay more attention to stickers when buying fruit and veggies as they hold some critical info. So, I became curious and wondered what these...

7 Minute Break during Work to Ease the Neck, Wrists, Eyes, and Calm the...

Hey guys! Came across this AWESOME 7-minute video that can help you EASE neck, shoulder, and wrist pain for those of you who work part/full-time in an office/home environment.  You know that sitting down...
"I Regret Nothign" Notepad

New Work Essentials to roll with in 2017 :)

In love with this pad and pen... Perfect way of adding some fun to work notes <3
Meryl Streep -Donald Trump - Golden Globes 2017

This Has to be My Favorite MEME of 2017!

Had to share this one. LOL. Can this woman get any better?

*Birds, Owls, & Swans for the Holidays* #TeamAvian

Everyone has been asking me about my Christmas three this year and how it looks so I decided to share it. This year I've done something different than the traditional looking tree. While I...

What’s On The Leaves Of Your Tree Branch?

Hey guys. I just wanted to take a few minutes today and THANK each and every one of you for following my blog and supporting me. Whether you support me by liking, commenting, or...

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