Forward Helix Piercing
Forward Helix Piercing

Hey guys. So I finally built up the strength and courage to get the piercings I’ve been wanting for some time now, and wanted to share the experience for those of you interested in getting piercings. I’ve been visualizing two additional piercings in an area of my ear referred to as “Forward Helix”, which is the area right above the tragus.  I’ve already had one helix piercing for about two years now, and I wanted to turn in into a line of three piercings. To be honest my experience with the first piercing in that area was so torturous that I just couldn’t imagine going through that pain again. AND… after backing away from the pain anticipation for months I decided that I was just gonna get it done at the cost of pain.

Drawing pin dots for the piercing locations
Drawing pin dots for the piercing locations

With my luck the girl who pierced my ear (Felicity) happened to be super experienced (11 years), and very professional. After a brief chat with the piercing artist I was able to build trust right away. To my surprise, my pain level this time with two piercings back to back was more tolerable than first time around. She used a needle for the piercing like the previous person, but  the process was much smoother because she was so experienced. She even discussed what angle she would pierce (in advance) so the earrings would end up in the exact direction/angle that I preferred. I guess it makes a difference in the angle the ear is pierced.

Pain level for both piercing was 3-4 out of 10, and I didn’t even bleed much. We did two piercings total, one above and one below my existing piercing. I had to lay down for the piercing process, and all together it took about 10 minutes. I didn’t have much pain later and so far it seems to be healing great (about 5 days).

 Day after getting piercing done - Forward-helix
Day after getting piercing done – Forward-helix

One advice for those of you trying to get a piercing that requires using a needle rather than a gun is to please do your research and find an experienced person. I learned through this piercing that the last person was probably new/inexperienced and that’s why I went through torture, high pain level, and longer healing process. Felicity was amazing, and I do recommend her (HIGHLY) if you’re within the LA area.

The best way to get a dreadful piercing done is to book it right away, and just get it done (of course the research for the artist should be done prior to this sudden execution). That’s how I did it, and that’s also the only way I didn’t have enough time to panic about the pain process. I found one local tattoo shop in Glendale called “So Cal Ink” (IG page socalink_), called them, and luckily they had someone available to take me within the hour. Of course, I took some physical support to hold my hand. LOL. My aunt, who happened to be with me that day.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts/experiences with piercings


  1. Your piercings look great! I got my first cartilage piercing over a year ago and it took FOREVER to heal. It got infected a few times despite cleaning and I thought I might have to actually take it out. It’s finally healed now (and just gets irritated every now and then). I don’t know if I could go through the amount of infections again.

    • Yeah I was really scared about getting 2 piercings at once since my cartilage took so long to heal as well. Thanks luv. I figured it was like asking for an infection being so close to one another. But I decided that if I am going to be taking care of one at time, I might as well take care of both. LOL. I am hoping it’s a smooth healing process. :/

    • Thank you Nia! Honestly just go do it! I waited a whole year or two to get it done but I had a painful process with the first piercing. Just find someone who is really good. And I did it very last minute so I hadn’t gotten a chance to build tension. With this girl it really didn’t hurt that much… <3

    • Well with piercings you’re not stuck with it if you change your mind later. Please include your name next time so I can reference you ☝?

  2. So, sooo cute!!!!!! YOU GO GIRL! I’d never have the guts to do that – I’m a baby when it comes to pain! Haha!

    – Kaitlin

  3. I’ve been considering getting my upper ear pierced, but as I’ve been told it needs a needle, I’m kind of put off by it. This has helped me think more about it.

    • I’ll be really honest that it’s going to hurt a bit. But find someone experienced and just book it as soon as she/he gets a daily cancellation. That way you won’t have too much time to think about it ???


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