Hey ladies! I am back to pastel colors for Spring since I loved the milky, washed-out shades so much. This new color is by ‘OPI’ called “Let’s Be Friends” from their Hello Kitty edition. Perfect combo of white and light lavender. Gives my nails such a fresh appearance.

And a quick traveling tip before everyone spreads off to their Spring/Summer vacations this year.

When you get your mani/pedi done right before an upcoming vacation ask your nail-salon if they can sell you the same color they just applied on your nails. They usually have a new one in their cabinets, or sometimes they’ll sell you the used one if they don’t have a new one. This way you take the polish with you and easily touch up while you’re away. Trust me… this is especially useful on tropical vacations when your toes are soaked in water all day long. Plus, you’re nails always look on point!

Happy Traveling everyone!


  1. That’s a useful tip, I feel like, even if not traveling 🙂 It might help extend the duration of any mani/pedi especially if you’re not super regular! Thanks for sharing.


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