Pressed Juicery – Morning Stop Today

A treat to a delicious juice!

Pressed Juicery
Pressed Juicery

Been stopping by Pressed Juicery quite often lately because their juices are so good.  Made of fresh fruits and vegetables with no added sugar or water, so it’s a 100% juice.  They have variety of flavors to choose from and their made fresh every day.  I love spicy drinks and a lot of their flavors include lemon, ginger, and other fruits/vegetables that give their juices a kick of spice.  It’s a nice quick way of consuming more nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables that taste really good.

I’ve noticed they also offer a 3-5 day cleansing programs if you’re into cleansing, even for those who are lactose-intolerant and keep a vegetarian or gluten-free diet. The best part is you can order their juices online and get it delivered to your door in the mornings.  Although I usually just walk in the store because I can sample all the different flavors they offer and then choose the one I like that day.


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