Ladies if you’re looking for comfortable, and cute bra-like coverage for working out you have to check out these bras I’ve been wearing lately by “Coobie”.Β  I got one about a month ago and then got the 2nd one recently in a different color because the first one was so comfortable.They look great as a stand alone top or as a bra under low-cut workout tops/tee’s.

So when it comes to working out I don’t do the whole sports bra because I don’t think any sport bra is very flattering. Let face it… Most sport bras can make a “C” bust size look like a double “AA” size, and not to mention the amount of pushing and shoving they add to your shoulders/back. And I think sport bras add a masculine look to any woman’s physic. Yes! We’re at the gym to work out (not look cute), but I don’t wanna look like a man while I am working out.

I usually wear regular bras from “Pink” by “Victoria’s Secrets” for working out because they seem to hold things in place really well, and are somewhat sporty as well. However, these new bra-like pieces I’ve been getting from the Equinox shop are so amazing. They give you lots of coverage, and are also inexpensive. They come with a light padding, but you can remove the padding because it has that open loop for removing the pads. You can also remove the straps. I’ve also worn it on top of a bra for extra coverage and it looks great. Picture below shows how it looked on while wearing it on a hike. (Sorry these photos are not too clear since I am taking screenshots of a snapchat video, but you can see how it looks on)

They sell for somewhere around $30 depending on the Equinox club location, but you can get them directly from the brand Coobie (try online) for even cheaper. Although I think the stores at Equinox have exclusive colors that may not be available elsewhere (like camo and gray), and I don’t think you need to be a club member to shop there. You can locate an Equinox Shop at every Equinox Sports-club πŸ™‚

Please comment and let me know your thoughts if you end up trying them.


    • Lol. That sounds annoying but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t used an actual sport bra in years. I think you should try these because they look so cute on??

  1. Those are super cute! I don’t need a ton of support because I have pretty small boobs, but I’ll look into this brand!

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