30-Day Weight-Loss Challenge for Summer
30-Day Weight-Loss Challenge for Summer

Thinking about a quick solution to losing weight? My “30-Day Weight-Loss Challenge” post from last year (2016) already got saved by 2.7K people on Pinterest, and the blog article was read 3192 times. MAYBE it’s worth a try!? With Summer around the corner, the time to get in shape is NOW! Yes, we’re only 1 months away, and this is a good time to start getting out of your comfortable winter diet.

Now, I can only imagine how difficult it is for some people to get back in the gym if you have stopped going completely, or if you don’t workout at all.  I think it’s important to motivate yourself NOW because regardless of what you plan on doing/wearing this summer, you are still going to have to strip down a few layers of clothing to cool off in the heat.  Think about that wedding party that’s coming up, or that vacation with friends, or the lovely beach! So… I have come up with a simple 30-Day Challenge of small changes you can make to tone up a bit, and hopefully feel more motivated to take it to the next level after the first 30 days are over.

by Cardio Exercise
by Cardio Exercises

Remember a  few weeks from now is going to be too late to improve in time for summer, so today is your best 1st day. Of course, for each person there will be a different change. Obviously you wont make a dramatic difference in your appearance by making light changes. However; you will see some differences which will encourage you to try harder.  At the least you will be in a better position than you are now.

So the 30-Day Challenge is as follows:

  1. Drink 3 Liters (6-7 bottles) of water a day. Click link below to read my article about consuming more water easier -> Drink More Water
  2. Replace all colorful beverages with water. As in NO SODA!
  3. Cut bread out of diet or replace it with wheat bread. Click to learn -> Bread Options
  4. Work out at least 3 times a week for 45 minutes if you’re a beginner, or 4-5 times a week for an hour if not a beginner
  5. Do 30 squats every bathroom break
  6. Do 25 sit-ups & 25 push-ups before every shower. (Hopefully that’s daily) LOL
  7. Plank at least once a day for 1 minute
  8. NO meals after 8pm. Squeeze in dinner before this time and if you get hungry after 8pm have a fruit or a little bit of raw nuts

These steps are pretty easy to follow, and can make a difference.  Even if you don’t have enough time for Step 4, you can lose inches in your abdominal area and tighten your booty if you follow the rest of the steps. I would love to get your opinion and comments along the way so please comment on this page or message me personally! 🙂

Final Tip:

One way to motivate yourself to keep going is to choose a picture of yourself from the past where you felt/looked your best. Place this picture on your closet door, or change this picture as your phone wallpaper.  This should force you to see this image of yourself on daily basis or every time you look at your phone. Keep looking at this photo and imagine you are one step closer to getting there on the days you don’t feel challenged or are ready to give up.

Good luck!

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  1. Love it! I can’t really do 45 minutes but I am committed to 15 minutes every day. Thank you!!

  2. Def gonna do this challenge! And since we sit in the same room for 8hrs/day I can’t cheat…LOL Thanks 🙂

  3. I’m currently doing most of this a dropped about 6lbs in 2 weeks! I was feeling sluggish and horrible. I’m going to continue to follow you on instragram and here to stay motivated.

  4. I am starting a “healthy challenge/weighloss” from august 1st so i’m super excited. I definitely need to increase my water intake which has decreased significantly. I miss being such a water drinker and need to go back to that! Thanks for this reminder girl.

    • I am excited for you and you seem goal oriented so I am sure you’ll do great. I increased my water intake too recently and I have so much more energy that I’ve cost my 2nd cup of water. Plus nice skin ??

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