Summer is finally here (late and uncooperative) but still glad it’s here. LOL. Anyone else wondering how to take advantage of summer evenings? So much to do in LA, but I am always looking to discovering places I haven’t been to. Do you guys know any cool places to try this summer? Please do share if you do…

This weekend I decided to visit Malibu Wines since I had never been.  Heard a lot about their beautiful vineyards, and of course always open to tasting new wine. I love comedy shows/stand-up comics, and so got tickets to the ‘Malibu Sips & Giggles Comedy Show’ which happens once a month in the evenings at Malibu Wines.  The venue includes stand-up comedy while you sip on wine in an outdoorsy wine-tasting room. Thought this would be nice relaxing way to unwind, and get the weekend started. Of course, favorite part of driving to Malibu is top-down drive within the canyons.

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The show tickets were very inexpensive, but their requirements are that you purchase at least 2 bottles of wine per group. The wine prices were pretty moderate; so for the experience of being there the cost of wine was fair. They sell no food but you are welcome to take your own, sort of like a picnic.  We took a big platter of assorted cheese and fruit. They also had the “Grilled Cheese” food truck parked there for purchases so we had plenty of food for 2 hours that we were there.

The experience was absolutely amazing. They had several different comedians come up, and they were all really funny.  The seating area was really big with lots of tables, and the floor was completely packed. They had variety of wines to purchase and all were really good.  Amazing views of the sun as it set behind the mountains. Most importantly we had endless amount of laughs and giggles.  I am big fan of ‘Laugh Factory’ so didn’t think Malibu Wines would beat their comedians, but I gotta say that the comedians here were as funny if not more. I give this show two thumbs up.

IMG_6105Definitely something fun to do during summer evenings that’s not your typical bar/lounge scene; especially with a large group of friends.  It’s a nice quick getaway, and a change of scene from our everyday LA night life.


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