THESIS Couture

Let’s face it ladies, as much as we all enjoy the sexy appeal of stilettos; we also despise wearing it longer than a few hours. It turns out that the heel of a traditional stilettos nowadays is build off of a piece of metal which provides strength but requires us to stand at a certain angle sending shocks up our heels. This angle also creates an excessive amount of force which causes so much pain in our heels and toes.

A new line – Thesis Couture by Dolly Singh is working on introducing new stilettos by applying science to fashion. She has teamed up with an astronaut, a rocket fashion scientist, a fabricator, and an orthopedic surgeon to reinvent “high performance, high fashion” high heels. Basically their plan is to use plastic instead of metal for the shank in the high heels.  They’ll also improve the base of the stiletto heels adding more surface area for support.

This reinvention is supposed help our feet to sit more naturally, and offer much more comfort. As stated by Dolly: “It’s a stiletto. It’s never going to feel like a tennis shoe. But it doesn’t have to feel like a torture device either.”

Her line of shoes isn’t out yet, but she plans on making a limited amount of pairs this year at about $925 each. Eventually, she plans on offering many different looks and selling the shoes at different ranges of prices, starting at about $350 a pair.

My level of excitement right now is beyond words since I am always dreaming of more comfy heels. I am definitely looking forward to trying a pair!

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