BoehmschocolateReceived a package of special chocolates for Thanksgiving from a good friend and I was sooo impressed by the beautiful design and packaging of the these chocolates that I thought it was worth sharing. 

The unique chocolates on the left called “Rovereto Rounds” are inspired by the northern Italian city of Rovereto.  Each piece is handmade with rare natural fruits, spices, & flavors with names such as Scotch Treat, Pizza, & Spiced Fuji Apple. This collection is so unique that I am having a hard time deciding whether I should save it as a souvenir or eat them.  The packaging also reminds me a little bit of an eye-shadow make-up palette with the names of each piece displayed on the box along with a hidden road-map.  Haha… Maybe I will store these with the rest of my make-up essentials.  LOL.

Overall, it’s a very unique gift idea for the holidays.

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