To all my female readers. Reading the above statement sort of confirmed every unexpressed thought I’ve ever had when coming across people while out and about. I am not talking about your internal beauty or the importance of it, but rather the physical appearance that you choose to present yourself with when you walk out that door. Yes, I am referring to the people who look like they just rolled out of bed and sled themselves out into the world without a quick glance in the mirror. I understand sometimes we’re in a hurry, or we can careless about other people’s opinions but c’mon that’s not an excuse for leaving the house looking like a big mess. And so… here are some thoughts every woman should consider before leaving the house.

My 5 Rules When Leaving The House (actually even inside the house) LOL

  • Take a look in the mirror.  Remember PJ’s were designed for sleeping in bed. Not for running errands.

  • A light mist of a scent never hurt anyone. Especially having one signature scent that reminds people of you really adds beauty to you essence.

  • Adding color on the face will immediately make you feel more radiant, and energetic.  A hint of a color can make all the difference if there is no time to apply make-up.  Light cover up with toner and/or some color on the lips will do the trick in 3 minutes flat.  Let’s stop using the kids or being busy as an excuse.

  • When you are well put together at any given time or place you are generally more confident, and have more inner stability. So those 10-15 minutes of fixing yourself up every day is an instant ego-booster, and an important recipe to use for making yourself happier in general. Let’s set that HAPPINESS bar nice and high.

  • Lastly, remember the days you look your worst are always the days you run into the people you did not wanna be seen by.  Especially during that quick trip to the local drug store. Now why put yourself in that position? EVER!

    And lastly, as Murphy states best…

In any given endeavor whatever can go wrong, will go wrong”.

Haha. I love Murphy’s Laws.

People always ask me how I am always well put together. Well, I always keep these rules in mind, and TRUST me… I am busy too.


    • LOL. Actually I spend a lot of time in workout clothes as well (running errands before/after the gym). I guess my point was just to look like you’re somewhat put together in whatever you’re wearing. Pj’s and gym attire are two whole different looks. 🙂 Yes?


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