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Red Roses Do Melt ME :)

M-Cutoure Flowers

So I normally love to go out of town for my birthday as I sorta don’t like that birthday spotlight on me on the actual day of my birthday. Something about the introvert in me pops out around that time every year.  LOL. Of course, it’s also a great reason to travel so I always book some vacation right around then.  This year traveling didn’t workout for me due to a few reasons. One main reason being that my renewed passport never made it to my mailbox, and got lost right before my birthday. SO I stayed in town, and had a wonderful celebrations with my family and friends instead.
Although I had no idea staying in town meant getting delighted by so many beautiful flowers. I guess those that know me well also know how much love I to be surrounded by flowers, and so they did just that. Spoiled me with flowers. I have to say it totally made my day and I feel blessed to have such amazing and thoughtful people surrounding me.
And… with that in mind, I would like to thank M_Couture for most of beautiful arrangements this year. She’s definitely our go to florist as she specializes in unique designs rather than just basic flowers. I LOVE & LOVE her designed floral arrangements and she also does all other big events (weddings/engagements/birthdays, etc.) And let’s not forget the long stem roses from her that were taller my little niece. I died <3 I highly recommend her for all your events in the LA area. She’s soooo good…..


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