Ralph Lauren's 'smart' shirt
Ralph Lauren’s ‘smart’ shirt

Read about a new polo shirt that is being released for men by Ralph Lauren, which is going to have an attached sensor box to help track, and monitor your work-out progress. The “second-skin” fabric workout shirt has silver fibers woven directly into the fabric, and a small, sensor-filled black box that snaps into the shirt near the rib cage, to track biometric stats like steps taken, heart rate, breathing depth, and energy exertion.

The sensor on the polo shirt will function with Ralph Lauren mobile app that syncs data from the PoloTech shirt. It’s iOS-only at launch and currently doesn’t integrate with other third-party fitness applications.  Its aim is to offer real-time analysis and workout suggestions based on the biometrics you’re showing. The difference of this app compared to other out there is that will not only track you workout progress but suggest what to do next based on the results.

For the time being the shirt is only going to be available for men, and will cost $295 each! A mighty high price to pay for a workout shirt but maybe worth it depending on the accuracy of the sensor.  There are talks about releasing these smart shirts for woman in the near future so will look forward to trying these when they come out.



  1. For $295,I’d rather fly out to wash d.c.,swim in the infinity pool and later on have dinner at the white house with the obamas!!!

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