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12-Week Personalized Fitness Program

(8 customer reviews)

$150.00 / month for 3 months

Fee is withdrawn on the same day as the initial payment for 2 more months after initial payment.


Fitness Program Includes the following:

  • 12 -Week Customized workout plan will be created for you upon enrollment based upon the fitness goals you specify
  • An email sent from Aud 3-5 times a week with the workout routines, sets, and images, for each day
  • Each exercise image will specify which body part is being targeting so you can learn as you go
  • Re-evaluations of body progress once a month to make sure the plan is on track
  • Facebook support group. Live sessions every week to ask any questions directly and share results
  • Support available by e-mail. Answered personally by Aud within 24hours!

What you need to know additionally:

  • Workouts will be approximately 1hour a day 3-5 days a week. No workouts on the weekends (unless you want to)
  • You will need a set of dumbbells that you will use with the workouts
  • You will choose either a Home or a Gym version of the plan after signing-up
  • Workouts are done on your own time


8 reviews for 12-Week Personalized Fitness Program

  1. Rinet Akizian

    This program was amazing. I did about 8 weeks of the program then stopped due to health issues. Adrina was so professional and catered the workouts based on the areas of concern. I am a working mom it was so helpful for me to do the program from home either early in the morning or at night. It was helpful to see images and step by step directions on how I would do each workout. The program was challenging but not challenging enough for me to want to give up like previous programs I had tried. The workouts gradually got harder but it wasn’t sudden where I struggled. I could also email anytime I did not understand how to do a workout. I saw my thighs tighten and stomach get leaner while doing the workouts. I am hoping to restart again once I feel healthy enough. Thanks for everything.

  2. Aurailia Arnold

    Being a mom of 2 and at the age of 43 it has been a challenge for me to find a workout that I can stick with. Life just gets too busy and my energy level is not what it used to be. Adrine is amazing and was really great at pushing me to do the work. I tend to start workout programs and leave after less then a week. This is the first time I was able to stick with a workout program for 12 weeks. She definitely motivated me and I felt energized. For the first time in a long time I liked what I was seeing in the mirror and so did my man!
    I woke up every morning at 5:30 am and my workout session was right there for me to start the day. It was just the right amount of challenge for me. She did a great job in creating a program that was customized for me (she even included a morning walk/run with my dog Lion).

    Thank you Adrine! Looking forward to more programs from you

  3. Nicole Moraga

    I am a single mom of 3, work full time, coach high school softball and a baseball mom of 2. I started this amazing program just days after my mom passed from cancer. Adrine gave me the most amazinh support beyond my fitness journey. I could not have made it to without her everyday check ins and amazing work out programs that kept me focused. She knew my goals and worked me everyday with a detailed program. I loved that I would have some of my associates stop me to ask if I had been working out differently and my boyfriends comments.
    Thank you Adrine so much for your love and support in the hardest tims of my life! I hope I made you and my mom proud!

  4. Lianna Top

    I love Adrine’s online classes! Working full time and managing a family her customized routines work perfect with my hectic schedule. She’s always available to answer all my questions and open to guidance. Highly recommended!!

  5. susyadz (verified owner)

    First off, I have worked out my entire life and was looking for something to challenge me and get me the results I wasn’t getting from my day to day workouts. Adrine has shaped and toned my body without making me look bulky or lose too much weight making my body look disporportioned. The information she sends is very thorough and detailed which simplifies the entire process.

    Thank you for the support and Im excited to continue the journey with her amazing helpful knowledge.

  6. Diana (verified owner)

    I began my fitness journey with Adrina by getting personal training at first and eventually switched to her online training workout program when my schedule changed. What I love about the online program is that I get my workouts in on my schedule. I also love that Adrina is always available to answer all my questions. Her workouts are very individualized to my needs. I started seeing dramatic results in about three weeks!

  7. Forough Abbasi

    I was lucky enough to meet Adrina while I was working out at the gym. She told me about her training program and explained how it works. After doing some research I decided to join the program. She sent me a questionnaire and designed a personalized workout plan based on that. The plan started with low intensity exercises but meanwhile focusing the areas I needed to target. As time passed the plan became more advanced and challenging, but still designed appropriately. When I completed the first month the COVID-19 started spreading, since client’s health and safety is always Adrina’s first priority, she reached out to me immediately and suggested to switch to in-home workout plan. She told me all I need is a pair of dumbbells and a matte! In less than 24 hours, she sent me my next day’s plan which was not only at the same intensity level, but also very easy to perform at home. As I have to work remotely during this quarantine situation, it is so important to me to stay at the top of my health and fitness. I feel the bright side of this whole situation for me is to have more time to be focused on my everyday routine exercises. Thanks to Fit2Fash, I have been able to stay physically and mentally healthy during this tough time.

  8. Anna Agabon (verified owner)

    Adrina is wonderful! I highly recommend her program! I have been following her on Instagram and been telling myself that I will start with her program soon. Finally after Giving birth to my first child, 6 months later I decided to sign up with her program. When I started 20 days ago I was stressed, unhappy with my body, and almost always existed. With an infant it’s hard to go to the gym but luckily her program provides a package that allows you to get daily emails and work out from home. I am currently on day 20 week 3 and every night I put my baby to sleep and work out at 9pm. She is understanding, encouraging, professional, and offers a great price for the amount of work she puts to personalize our work out plans. Even though my baby wakes up at nights and it is still little hard to work and take care of the baby, Fit2Fash workouts help my mindset, my energy, and I finally started to love my body again! All and all I am extremely happy with the results, and I am still midpoint of the work out package and have ways to go. If you are second guessing I am telling you don’t!! just sign up already and enjoy the ride! You are worth it!

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