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Exercising While Traveling

Colorado State Capitol
Colorado State Capitol

I travel pretty frequently with work and over the years have learned that jogging is the best way to squeeze in an exercise during travel time. It gives you the chance to explore the destination you’re visiting.

Early Morning Jogs


Traveling with work and excited to wake-up early morning and  run before work begins. Hopefully I don’t run into this funny scenario.

Harrods Indulgences


HarrodsReceived these sweets from Harrods, London. I’ve tried their coffee several times before. The rich aroma of the coffee reaches your senses long before you take a sip. My favorite is the Hawaiian coffee sourced from the island of Kona offering a mild caramel flavor with a smooth-citrus finish.

H2O- Consume More


For the past two months I’ve been consuming 3Liters of water a day for a specific diet.  Just to break it down, my diet required consumption of at least six small bottles (20fl oz.) of water a day.

Season Essentials


LilacbushesFavorite way of adding color and fragrance to my home.  Fills up the room with so many joyful scents.

Pop of Color


ScarfLoftI love adding scarves to my outfits to give it that extra edge.   Came across this white/blue/lime-green scarf at Loft – Ann Taylor and couldn’t resist it.  It’s the perfect way to add a pop of color to my work attire or mix it with a casual outfit on a chilly night; especially during Spring.

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