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Lose Abdominal Fat by Switching to Coconut Cooking Oil


I recently switched to organic coconut oil for cooking instead of vegetable/olive oil because there are so many amazing health benefits to making the switch. One main feature of coconut oil is that it can reduce your hunger significantly because the fatty acids in coconut

Nails – Natural Appearance


“Almond-shape” is my favorite nail style when it come to acrylics.  This style gives me the feminine edge I love, yet is comfortable enough for running everyday errands.  I usually

Fit Body Mastering Tips


Came across an inspirational workout video from Equinox.  It goes over five exercises to help you build strength using weights.  Pay close attention to the written captions along the way as they specify how to avoid injures by exercising the proper way.  Enjoy!

Trench Coat for Spring Showers


Gloomy weather over the past few weeks got me in the mood to wear my off-white trench coat from Emporio Armani. The coat is fitted on top with pleating on the bottom which really accentuates the figure. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 7.35.49 PMHappy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers around the world!


Motion-Sensored Water Fountain


Came across this really awesome motion-sensored water fountain while I was working out in Denver.  It functions as a traditional water fountain that you can drink out of or use as a motion-sensored bottle filler. 

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