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Thanks For All Your Support!!!


Wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and THANK all my followers for all your support.  Received an annual report for my blog that’s only been up for about nine months and I am super thrilled with the results.  As always you can continue to comment and/or e-mail me with your requests for reviews related to fitness and fashion.  Hope everyone has an Amazing New Year!!!

SNOWING at Fit2Fash :) * * *


That’s right!!! There are snow flakes falling all over my blog until January 4th, 2016.  Got me a little hyped up so I had to share. Be sure to check it out and don’t forget to wear your Snow Hat … It’s only visible on desktop though… Sorry mobile users! 🙂

A haven full of stars
Frozen ground is covered with snow
The winter has arrived

Freezing snow crystals
fall softly down on my nose
Why do they melt

Haiku – X8 – Winter

Inverted Body Weight Rows


Although I adapt pretty well to most exercises I try or practice, I have to admit that pull-ups have always been my area of weakness. Usually I am able to do 2-4 pull-ups at a time (shamefully…) but I know it’s very important to balance out all parts of your body to fully reach your body shape/health goals. So lately I’ve been trying an exercise that has really been helping me work on my upper body strength, as well as giving me more strength to do more pull-ups.

Goodbye Long Hair…


Short hair

After debating cutting my hair off for such a long time, I decided to shorten it last Saturday before my work holiday party.  Been wanting to go shorter for months now but was afraid to do it since my hair was sooo long already. Decided to finally chop it off because I had been wanting a big change real badly and thought the end of the year was the best time.

Happy Holidays to all!!!


Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays from my new home.  Been very busy lately with moving into a new place and haven’t had much time to keep up with my blogs.  I am finally settled in and should be able to focus more. Wish everyone safe and fun holidays!

Special Thanksgiving Delivery…


BoehmschocolateReceived a package of special chocolates for Thanksgiving from a good friend and I was sooo impressed by the beautiful design and packaging of the these chocolates that I thought it was worth sharing. 

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