Meet the Hyper-Adapt, Nike’s Awesome New Power-Lacing Sneakers

Read about these new innovative sneakers being introduced to us this November by Nike and thought it was worth sharing.  The training shoes have gotten their inspiration from a scene from “Back to the Future II” and have a total new design which will automatically tighten the laces of sneakers according to the measurements of your feet.

Once you wear the shoe and press the button on the side it will tighten the shoe laces down to a have a comfortable grip around your feet.

Preview Marty McFly gets himself a pair of Nike Mags with power laces in this scene from Back to the Future II.sneakers

YouTube Preview Image

Idea behind the new shoes it to allow you to loosen or tighten your shoes when your feet are more swollen throughout the day and also to allow the shoes to determine the level of tightness that is best for your feet measurements with just touch of a button.  Also comes with a cool shoe charger that lasts for two weeks when fully charged. The lighting technology is for the first time functional rather than for fun.  The shoes have been in development for 28 years which is 5 times time longer than it takes to design and release a new car.

Preview of Nike’s New Power-Lacing Sneaker | WIRED

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As for the aesthetics of the shoe… I feel like it is a little on the bulkier side compared to the compact sized sneakers we currently wear but like any other new release, in time I can see these being more aesthetically pleasing with future releases. The cost of these is still unknown but I expect it to be on the higher end.

I think these shoes are especially wonderful for pregnant women, seniors who have a hard time kneeling down, or just about anyone who is ready to step into the future. LOL

The sneakers can be purchased by appointment only.  Looking forward to trying a pair after the hype dies down. 🙂

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