Let’s face it… We’re not all at exactly at our ideal shape or weight, but let’s try to flatter what we’ve got now, while working towards or future weight goals.  Too often I hear people saying I don’t care to dress up, put effort into my appearance, or buy new clothes until I become a certain size (lose/gain weight).

Unfortunately, this mindset slowly becomes a habit for those who don’t reach their ideal body goals within a certain time which can in time become more discouraging, and even turn into a lifestyle. Being confident is what makes us sexy and beautiful… and unless we feel great about ourselves with our current self, we won’t push ourselves to get to our target goal. I love coming across those who work with everything they already have.  I see them as more beautiful, and become encouraged with their positive attitude.

Pamper your current self, dress well, and fill your inner soul with love and positivity. The better we feel about ourselves now the more likely we are to wanna aim farther, so embrace yourself and rock what you’ve got! 🙂


  1. Love it!! I so agree…people will be attracted to your energy and will see you beautiful if you project that beauty from the inside. You can have a rockin body but if you don’t love yourself and you put out negative energy then people wont see that rockin body at all

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