I’ve been drinking “Isopure Zero Carb” liquid protein lately instead of the powder protein shakes that I used to drink before and so far I am loving liquid format.  It doesn’t taste too sweet, and has a very fresh taste.  “Isopure Zero Carb” has no sugar, no carbs, no preservatives, no fat and is lactose free. Contains 40 grams of pure protein,  and has zero carbs.  The drink is also 100% pure whey protein isoloate (which means you’re getting highest quality protein with less fat and lactose per serving as compared to whey protein concentrate)

Protein drinks are excellent for preventing loss of lean muscle tissue and are also consumed for nourishment right after workouts.  Additionally, protein drinks act as a primary source of protein and can replace egg whites, skim milk, and even red meat.

In the past I’ve also tried Isopure Protein Powder (powder version instead of liquid), and my digestive system didn’t accept it very well.  It gave me minor constipation related issues and I switched to another brand.  This liquid version that I have been drinking lately seems to work much better for me.  It comes in many different flavors but my favorite so far is the one in the image above called “Apple Melon”.  The bottle goes for about $6 at the fitness centers, although buying it in bulk packages online or in stores may be less expensive.


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