Love, love, & love the new haircut I got last weekend. Decided to go shorter with my hair length, and also decided to try someone new for my haircut. I was looking for someone I can trust with my hair, and ran into an artist who works at the salon next to my gym (last person I tried sorta messed up my hair).

He works at the Martinez Samuel Salon in West Hollywood, and his name is Jason Hermiz. When it comes to hairdressers, I think the personal style of the artist has everything to do with the kind of work you can expect from him/her. I personally have to see and feel something edgy with an artist to trust their work. I’ve noticed that artists who are more hip with their appearance tend to be more up-to-date with current trends/looks for their clients. Anyhow… after chit-chatting with Jason for a few minutes I thought I can trust him to do a great job, and sure enough he did an amazing job.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.29.08 PM

Gave me exactly what I was looking for with a shorter Lob.  He gave me longer strands in the front which skim across my shoulders making it long enough for a ponytail, and he kept the back hair shorter so it’s sleek and bouncy. To my surprise, styling it myself was pretty easy too. Just holding a blow-dryer over my hair gets it pretty straight, and in the end I touch up the top layers with a flat iron to make it more flat.

I was also served a glass of cold chardonnay while getting my hair cut which made the experience that much better.



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