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While in Washington DC I tried to work out at my resort’s fitness center, and came across to what is referred to as “Infinity Endless Pool” by the fitness staff (see video above). They reserve the pool for one person at a time, and the pool is designed specifically for cardio/weight-loss and exercising. Gives the ability to swim against artificially operated currents engaging most your body muscles and your core. I’ve heard of these pools a lot so I decided to try it.

For starters, I have claustrophobia so the small size of the room and pool threw me off a little bit. I turned on the switch of the currents in the pool to swim against it. For someone who is a pretty good swimmer, I had a hard time floating on top of the water during my swim. Kept sinking below in the first few minutes and eventually got the hang of it. I found it impossible to swim without actually putting my head underneath the water. It was the only way to balance myself since it’s difficult to stay on the top of the water like you would in a traditional swimming pool.

I swam for about twenty minutes then got pretty tired because most my energy went directly on trying not to sink below, and the smallness of the pool didn’t help much either.  Since the currents were going directly into my face, my eyes had to be closed and it felt like I might be running into the wall at any given moment (goggles would would help). Moving forward, I would definitely stick with regular pools as I didn’t find the “infinity endless pool” to be very effective or pleasant.



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