Recently received a present from one of my childhood best friends, and it is none other than the watch I am wearing in the above image called ‘Charge HR’ from Fitbit.  At a glance it looks like I am wearing a watch/bracelet, but in actuality it is an activity wristband.  I’ve only had it for about a week, and let me just say that I’ve been wearing it every single day and night which also means I’ve gotten to know it pretty well by now…

The way the wristband works it that you wear it on your wrist like a watch, and it pretty much monitors your heart-rate, workout activity, sleep-hours/quality, the amount of calories burned, and even alerts you when you get a call by displaying the caller ID. It consistently syncs all the information wirelessly into the Fitbit app on your phone so you can see detailed information about your health activity anytime you check the app.

You can also choose to view the same information right on the wrist-band (minimized version) by pressing the button on the side. Some of my favorite features are that you can set an alarm and it gently vibrates to wake me up in the mornings, shows amount of steps taken per day, and shows in details how many times I woke up during my night sleep along with how many times I was restless during my sleep.

What I sort of don’t like is that it doesn’t hug my wrist as tight around the top corner of the band as I would like it to. This may be because my wrist is super tiny and the way the band is built doesn’t allow the corner to be very flexible.  I am pretty sure it would give a much tighter grip for men since their wrists are wider than mine. Also gets a little discomforting for my wrist during sleep hours since the band is not that flexible.

In reference to working out…this model is specifically good at tracking cardio related exercises such as the amount of hours exercised, steps taken, stairs climbed, etc. It doesn’t particularly track weight training related type of exercises, but Fitbit offers a different model that tracks weight training and aerobics as well. For this reason I am considering exchanging my Charger HR to a different model (Charge 2) which also tracks weight training/lifting types of exercises (since I am not a crazy cardio person.)  The new model also notifies you of text/calendar alerts because it has a bigger display screen and costs a little bit more.

So far I love the wristband and would highly recommended for anyone who wants to stay healthy. Overall it’s a really cool arm toy. I love wearing traditional fashion watches out so it was a little hard for me to switch to a digital wristband but I think it’s definitely worth the benefits. I will also do a review of the ‘Charge 2’ if I end up getting it.

You can purchase one of these through this link

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.04.54 PM

Fitbit Charger HR Activity Wristband

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