Took a quick afternoon hike at Runyon Canyon to get my cardio out of the way. Hiking is a much better way to do cardio exercise as opposed to running on a treadmill at the gym because you enjoy the outdoors, and get a tan at the same time. It’s also a nice change of atmosphere from your regular every day work out routine, and gym environment.

Runyon Canyon is one of my favorite locations for hiking because of its’ outdoorsy environment, and breathtaking sights of LA. I’ve been hiking there for years, and on clear days you can even spot the beach from a distance. This location has become very popular within the last few years so it has become more and more crowded lately. Be prepared to come across a lot of “eye-candy” during your hike because most people there are minimally covered so they can tan along the way. Lately I’ve been going on weekdays instead of weekends, and it’s way less crowded. Plus, parking is much easier to find (be very careful with parking as you definitely get a ticket if you don’t park in the designated areas.)

The great part of Runyon is that it has a few different routes you can take so you choose the level of difficulty for your hike. Runyon Canyon Road is a gradual climb on a passably paved road. There are a few staircase pathways along the way which can really help build strength in your lower body if you chose to climb uphill (great way to tone-up your legs). The entire hike usually takes about 60-80 minutes depending on your speed. Being there is sort of like a mini adventure in your day but you don’t have to drive far since it’s in LA.

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