I decided to replace my FitBit (<– Read more) wristband that I love so much with an Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 instead. Owning my Fitbit for a while made me want to upgrade to an “Apple watch” for the watch’s ability to access more Health/Fitness features on the wrist.

I’ve had my Apple Watch for a month now and I have to admit I started to love it ONLY after I found apps that work well with my lifestyle and workout routines.  When I first got the watch, I wasn’t pleased with the workout programs it included as there was nothing in place specifically for my routines (i.e. weight training). The Apple Watch only comes per-installed with two basic startup apps which tracks daily Activity and basic Workout.  To get most out of your Apple Watch, definitely consider downloading some of these apps which I found to be very useful. Most of these apps are free while some cost around $5 to download.

Fitness Apps for Apple Watch

Fitness Point

Using this app for weight lifting you can create new exercises by customizing muscle groups, descriptions, and indicating primary/secondary muscles. You can set a personal workout, or select one of the pre-defined workout plans. It has graphics to illustrate effected body part effected and even allows you to personalize with your target sets and reps. App can count calories and includes workout/rest timer. App is free or you can purchase the PRO ($4.99) with additional features.

Fitness Point App
Fitness Point App

Runtastic Six Pack

Intended for abdominal exercises, you can utilize this app to perform pre-built workouts or create your own. When you’re ready to work out, use your Apple Watch to monitor your progress and to see diagrams of each exercise without ever touching your iPhone.The app itself is free, but if you want to unlock all that Six Pack has to offer you can purchase it for $4.99.

Runtastic's Six Pack app
Runtastic’s Six Pack App


This app is all about short seven-minute workouts (you can extend it to 14,or 21 minutes too), and it’s free. Shows the next body position (for sit-ups, push-ups, squats) and a timer. Because the app is on your watch, it’s much easier than keeping your phone in your hand or on the floor to see what exercise is coming up. It offers an audio voice-over, and you can choose from characters like a drill sergeant or a kung-fu master.

Seven App
Seven App


Gyms like Equinox are making it extra convenient to squeeze in a workout by letting you sign up for classes and instructors with just a tap of the Apple Watch screen. The Equinox app will send an alert when a class you love is available, and you can reserve a spot by just selecting the prompt. Also allows you to view club hours and information, and track calories burned during classes. The app is free and it’ll even put the class on your calendar for you.

Equinox app
Equinox App

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga app offers a great yoga experience on your wrist and tracks your sessions, calories burned, and heart rate. It doesn’t do a lot of hand-holding if you’re a beginner (FitStar is great for beginners), but if you’re a yoga pro, you’ll really enjoy this app. Pocket Yoga can then log your sessions and even integrate with Health.app if you’d like it to. The App costs $2.99.

Pocket Yoga App
Pocket Yoga App

Health Apps for Apple Watch


Keep in touch with how much water you consume with this app. Based on your body weight (or your personal goal), WaterMinder app will remind you to drink water to reach your daily goals. By seeing current water fill visually and in percentages you will instantly know how well you are hydrated! Provides reminders by gently nudging you to add your daily water consumption progress. This app costs $1.99.

WaterMinder App
WaterMinder App

3 Minute Mindfulness

Meditating is POSSIBLE when you’re on the go. In just three minutes, this app uses light meditation to calm you down and change the way you breathe with various exercises. You can meditate before bed or a presentation to ease the mind. Spending three minutes with the app each day may even have more overall benefits than that 30-minute meditation session you’ve been putting off all week. Best part this app is free.  🙂

3 Minute Mindfulness App
3 Minute Mindfulness App

Bonus: I also love Calm App that’s only available on iPhone for meditating.


This health app keeps track of your user habits and relates this to the rest of your health with motivational/advice texts in the moment (i.e. it might have noticed you were online late last night and suggest that’s probably why you’re dragging at work today). You can speak with Lark too, and it provides coaching feedback. You can tell it what you had for breakfast  rather than typing it, and it will respond back with something like: “Get more energy for your day with leaner protein for breakfast”. This app is free and kinda fun too.

Lark App
Lark App

Please comment and let me know if you found these Apple watch apps useful or if you know other cool apps I can check out.  Subscribe to newsletter below for other useful fitness tips 🙂


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