Always being on the go means little or no time to make breakfast during the week. I usually eat oatmeal at work but that becomes super repetitive and boring at times. So sometimes I will make a really healthy fruit/protein shake instead which only takes about five minutes and is really tasty. 

I use strawberries, blueberries, bananas, shaved almonds (you can use full almonds instead), a scoop of chocolate protein powder, soy milk, and ice. Sometimes I substitute water for milk if I am out of milk and there is no big difference in taste (plus less calories). Just toss it all in the blender and blend it really well.

The process takes less than five minutes and usually keeps me full until lunch time. I use no sugar as the fruits and protein powder add a touch of sweetness. The amount of ingredients used in this image is enough to serve 2-3 large cups. It’s easy to make, healthy, tasteful, and refreshing.

Oh and of course…. there is nothing to clean up afterwards (just rinse container). 🙂


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