For the past two months I’ve been consuming 3Liters of water a day for a specific diet.  Just to break it down, my diet required consumption of at least six small bottles (20fl oz.) of water a day. In the beginning I would lose count after the 4th bottle, and the refilling process meant way too many visits to the kitchen during work. So I decided to try bigger bottles instead to refill less often and keep a better track. Bought a 1.5Liter bottle which meant finishing only two of these in order to fulfill my daily intake. I usually leave this bottle at work because the it’s too wide to fit in most cup holders and uncomfortable to carry. Also bought a 1liter bottle (size shown in image) so I can consume three of these per day instead. I usually take this size on the go since it’s lighter so this may work better if you’re not in an office environment. Stay tuned to find out the benefits that made me continue this routine after my diet was over.


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