Short hair

After debating cutting my hair off for such a long time, I decided to shorten it last Saturday before my work holiday party.  Been wanting to go shorter for months now but was afraid to do it since my hair was sooo long already. Decided to finally chop it off because I had been wanting a big change real badly and thought the end of the year was the best time.

My inspiration came from Ashley Olsen – off of her latest bob cut. I love the longer strands in the front with the rest of the hair at shoulder length.  She’s blonde but I thought I could pull it off as brunette.I was super nervous before getting the cut…

I ended up loving it. It was so hard to imagine myself with shorter hair since I haven’t had short hair since high school, but I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I always thought longer hair was more exotic but my new style makes me feel sooo much sexier!!! It’s lightweight, bounces around easily, and super healthy. I am considering going even shorter but will have to see about that one… lol.

I will also post a before and an after cut later.  Stay tuned.


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