Face Contouring- Daily Look

Use a bronzer for a more natural contouring effect



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Lately I’ve been getting asked quiet often on how I contour my face, and what type of contouring products I use. Whenever I have more time to put effort into getting ready (like in the evenings) I use the “Anesthesia Beverly Hills” contour kit in ‘Light To Medium’ colors (see image below). I’ve learned how to use their contour kit by watching a few short tutorial clips off of Youtube, and also watching my sister apply it to her face (she’s really good at these things). The Youtube videos are usually under ten minutes and you can catch on really fast by watching one or two different tutorials. 

Anastesia Beverly Hills Contour Kit
Anastesia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

Although when I have less time to apply make-up (like mornings/daytime), I use a much simpler method. It’s a two-toned toner/bronzer by the brand “Too Faced” and the color is called ‘Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer’ (see image below). You can also use “SEPHORA COLLECTION MicroSmooth Baked Bronzer Duo” in the color ‘02 Spicy Heat’ instead (less-expensive) and get the same effect. I find the bronzers to work pretty well in contouring, and often times bronzers give more of a natural appearance.

Too Faced Bronzer
Too Faced Bronzer

I usually use a smaller/thinner brush (MAC 119) first to apply the darker shade underneath by cheekbones. Then I use a bigger brush (MAC 129) to blend it in by dipping the brush in both shades and applying it to my entire cheek areas in a more circular motion. Kind of like I would apply a blush for the second part. I also use the small brush to contour the sides of my nose and the corners of my forehead.  Then blend it all in with the bigger brush.

I do this process in about two minutes or sometimes while driving to work (yes I am ashamed to admit) right after applying my powder.  It’s a very simple process, yet gives me that nice appearance on my cheekbones. The compact container size makes it pretty easy to carry for every day contouring, and gives a less dramatic effect because I skip all the other steps involved in the actual contouring process. In the photos above I applied the bronzer for an evening look (so it looks more precise), but in the daytime I can achieve a much softer effect. It’s a good choice for quick everyday contouring that doesn’t look overdone. At least I don’t think it does.


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