Other Times

Inspiration other than Fitness and Fashion

Beautiful Sunset this Sunday

Trying to get most out of summer as it approaches near end! The beach is a must on these last crucial days! Lol
The beautiful is always bizarre

French Inspiration of the day…

The Beautiful is Always Bizarre ~ by Charles Baudelaire, French poet.
It is the fucking life!

This Week’s French Inspiration…

Pardon my French please. lol :)
Washington Monument

National Mall & Memorial Parks-Washington DC

Explored the National Mall & Memorial Parks while visiting DC last week, and was blown away by some of its breathtaking sites. There was something special to see with each and every memorial. I...
Beauty Has No Age

Some French Inspiration This Morning

Beauty has no age...
Money Tree

More $$$ Headed My Way…

I love bringing nature indoors so I bought a good-luck tree for my office today.  Then, all my co-workers informed me that this is actually called a "Money tree".  I guess money does grow...

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