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Inspiration other than Fitness and Fashion

7 Minute Break during Work to Ease the Neck, Wrists, Eyes, and Calm the...

Hey guys! Came across this AWESOME 7-minute video that can help you EASE neck, shoulder, and wrist pain for those of you who work part/full-time in an office/home environment.  You know that sitting down...

“My Beauty Supply Center” Opening Soon!!!

Really excited about the opening of my friend Karina's beauty supply store in Glendale. I've been helping her with the marketing end of her store so I already got a sneak peek of a...
The beautiful is always bizarre

French Inspiration of the day…

The Beautiful is Always Bizarre ~ by Charles Baudelaire, French poet.
"I Regret Nothign" Notepad

New Work Essentials to roll with in 2017 :)

In love with this pad and pen... Perfect way of adding some fun to work notes <3

Summer Evenings In Malibu – For Sips & Giggles

Summer is finally here (late and uncooperative) but still glad it's here. LOL. Anyone else wondering how to take advantage of summer evenings? So much to do in LA, but I am always looking...

Beautiful Sunset this Sunday

Trying to get most out of summer as it approaches near end! The beach is a must on these last crucial days! Lol

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