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Inspiration other than Fitness and Fashion

*Birds, Owls, & Swans for the Holidays* #TeamAvian

Everyone has been asking me about my Christmas three this year and how it looks so I decided to share it. This year I've done something different than the traditional looking tree. While I...
Beauty Has No Age

Some French Inspiration This Morning

Beauty has no age...

Happy Holidays to all!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays from my new home.  Been very busy lately with moving into a new place and haven't had much time to keep up with my blogs.  I am...

Greetings from Cancun

By far one of the best resorts I have ever stayed at, not to mention its' mesmerizing views.

Aquamarine Waters of Cancun

Relaxed at the beautiful and tranquil beaches of the Hard Rock resort in Cancun, Mexico. There was little else to do but swim at the clear aquamarine waters. The nature of this tropical heaven...

Special Thanksgiving Delivery…

Received a package of special chocolates for Thanksgiving from a good friend and I was sooo impressed by the beautiful design and packaging of the these chocolates that I thought it was worth sharing. ...

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