Other Times

Inspiration other than Fitness and Fashion

Perfect Ending To All The Magic ?✨?

Left Disneyland at midnight and endulged a rasberry-macaron with a pomegranate-lime shake on my way out. Nice and peaceful around closing hour so it was super enjoyable to listen to the surrounding waterfalls and...

Happy V-day!

Today reach out to anyone who adds joy to your life. Mom, dad, sister, brother, friend etc. Not all love is associated with romance. Sometimes it's the people closest to us that make us...

Tuesaday Isnpiration from Cancun! 

Oh and here I am dreaming away today! So much fun here don't wanna get back.???

Woke Up In Paradise This Morning ???

Fell in love with this beautiful resort ME in Cancun.  From the spectacular views, hot weather, clear-blue beach, to the amazing services they've been providing me since I've checked in.  ❤️
I have a dream

In Dedication to the King Himself

"You're never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true" ~Richard Bach

2016… Goals… Dreams… and Stories… How to plan and reach it!!!

It's finally the New Year and I took some time to a set resolutions on the first weekend after the New Year. This year I spend the first Sunday of 2016 to focus on...

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