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Welcome to Fit2Fash!


Sculpting my body through exercise and fitness has given me the FEARLESSNESS to explore fashion in many distinctive lights. The feeling of getting into any outfit without self doubt is rewarding.

Fashion through the eyes of the beholder…..
It is not skin deep.  For a woman like myself, fashion is a rainbow of inner expression married to how I want to be perceived by the outside world.

Through Fitness, TO experience Fashion, Fit2Fash. 

An array of styles that reveal how I feel about myself. Chic, Arty, Sexy, Glamorous, Sophisticated ALL come to mind…..I love dressing up, down, playing with color, fitting into black/white, rocking haute couture while finding great buys, and discovering styles that flatter my figure and body type.

Through Fit2Fash, I will be sharing reviews and discoveries about my daily workout routines, diets, healthy food recipes, great fashion buys, and favorite outfit ideas that I come across on a daily basis. I hope to inspire others to achieve the best within their fitness and styling goals…

 Voilà !

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