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Beats Solo3 On-Ear Headphones to workout… Why Not?

Ended up getting Beats Solo3 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones (matte edition) for the gym. Don't care of it wasn't designed for that purpose. I just love them... Been needing new headphones lately and I've been eyeing...
Nike's Power-Lacing Sneakers Hyper-Active Technology

New Innovative Hyper-Adapt Sneakers by Nike dropping this November!

Meet the Hyper-Adapt, Nike's Awesome New Power-Lacing Sneakers Read about these new innovative sneakers being introduced to us this November by Nike and thought it was worth sharing.  The training shoes have gotten their inspiration...

Aquamarine Waters of Cancun

Relaxed at the beautiful and tranquil beaches of the Hard Rock resort in Cancun, Mexico. There was little else to do but swim at the clear aquamarine waters. The nature of this tropical heaven...
Runyon Canyon

Hiking at Runyon Canyon Park

Took a quick afternoon hike at Runyon Canyon to get my cardio out of the way. Hiking is a much better way to do cardio exercise as opposed to running on a treadmill at...
Healthy breakfast protein shake

Healthy Protein/Fruit Shake On The Go

Always being on the go means little or no time to make breakfast during the week. I usually eat oatmeal at work but that becomes super repetitive and boring at times. So sometimes I...

Exercising While Traveling

I travel pretty frequently with work and over the years have learned that jogging is the best way to squeeze in an exercise during travel time. It gives you the chance to explore the...

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