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Make A Quick Protein-Yogurt Dip with Apple & Honey

Came across a really good protein-yogurt recipe some time ago and have been enjoying it since then. I like it because it's a great dessert dip that's easy and quick to make. It also...
Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery – Morning Stop Today

Been stopping by Pressed Juicery quite often lately because their juices are so good.  Made of fresh fruits and vegetables with no added sugar or water, so it's a 100% juice.  They have variety...

Relieve Stress & Sleep

Been getting lots of people asking about the recipe of my nightly drink that I've been posting on Snapchat lately so I decided to share the recipe. I originally made this drink when I...

Slimming Down Gets Funner At EvolvCycle!

All these years I've been exercising, and I never really got around to taking any cycling classes. I've heard a lot about the benefits but didn't actually get around to trying it. Recently I...
Nike's Power-Lacing Sneakers Hyper-Active Technology

New Innovative Hyper-Adapt Sneakers by Nike dropping this November!

Meet the Hyper-Adapt, Nike's Awesome New Power-Lacing Sneakers Read about these new innovative sneakers being introduced to us this November by Nike and thought it was worth sharing.  The training shoes have gotten their inspiration...

Thanks For All Your Support!!!

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and THANK all my followers for all your support.  Received an annual report for my blog that's only been up for about nine months and I...

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