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Nike Men's Alpha Training Grip Gloves

Men’s Training Grip Gloves -Nike

Out searching for new lifting gloves and came across these gloves called: "Nike Men's Alpha Training Grip Gloves". They're supposed to function similar to regular fitness lifting gloves, except it comes with added features,...
Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery – Morning Stop Today

Been stopping by Pressed Juicery quite often lately because their juices are so good.  Made of fresh fruits and vegetables with no added sugar or water, so it's a 100% juice.  They have variety...
Healthy breakfast protein shake

Healthy Protein/Fruit Shake On The Go

Always being on the go means little or no time to make breakfast during the week. I usually eat oatmeal at work but that becomes super repetitive and boring at times. So sometimes I...

Zip Lining

Visited Catalina Island midweek for a quick getaway and decided to try the zip-line tour just to get my exercise out of the way. Looks really scary but is so much fun. As soon...

Make Three Changes to Lose Inches Before Summer!

I realized that summer is exactly ONE week away when I came across "Every Body is a Beach Body" blackboard post at my gym today. Have you been preparing your body to be a...

Proper Squat Form

Squatting is one of my favorite exercises because it's a whole body-exercise with emphasis on your lower body. It helps build muscles in your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. It also works out your core...
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