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Acai -The Super Food of Fruits

Every time I pick up an Acai Bowl for lunch I get lots of people wondering what I am eating. It looks pretty good, but most don't really know what it's made of even...

It’s NOT About the Size You Wear…

Let's face it... We're not all at exactly at our ideal shape or weight, but let's try to flatter what we've got now, while working towards or future weight goals.  Too often I hear...

Abs Challenge – Coming Up!

With all the holidays around in the last few months I stopped paying attention to what I eat as much as I used to, and decreased my work-out sessions to 3 times a week...
Nike Flyknit Racer

New Kicks to Kick off 2016

Couldn't resist getting these new releases as I walked into Nike Store in Santa Monica last week. New shoes always motivate me to wanna work out more. Specifically made for running so I also got...

Thanks For All Your Support!!!

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and THANK all my followers for all your support.  Received an annual report for my blog that's only been up for about nine months and I...

Inverted Body Weight Rows

Although I adapt pretty well to most exercises I try or practice, I have to admit that pull-ups have always been my area of weakness. Usually I am able to do 2-4 pull-ups at...
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