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Breakfast Shake This Morning… Super Quick & Yummy

Made a quick shake this morning for breakfast.  Literally took ten minutes from start to finish (time includes washing fruits). Add strawberries, blueberries, banana, sliced almonds, almond milk (your choice of nut milk),  2-scoops...

5 Quick & Healthy Lunch-Dishes Under $10

Hey guys! What's for lunch today? Who else hates figuring out what to eat for lunch? How about when you're on the run but also try to eat healthy... Oh, and not wanting to...

Fit Body Mastering Tips

Came across an inspirational workout video from Equinox.  It goes over five exercises to help you build strength using weights.  Pay close attention to the written captions along the way as they specify how...

Thanks For All Your Support!!!

Wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and THANK all my followers for all your support.  Received an annual report for my blog that's only been up for about nine months and I...

Abs Challenge – Coming Up!

With all the holidays around in the last few months I stopped paying attention to what I eat as much as I used to, and decreased my work-out sessions to 3 times a week...
Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour

Apple Watch – MUST have APPs for Fitness & Health

I decided to replace my FitBit (<-- Read more) wristband that I love so much with an Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 instead. Owning my Fitbit for a while made me want to upgrade...

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