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Nike Men's Alpha Training Grip Gloves

Men’s Training Grip Gloves -Nike

Out searching for new lifting gloves and came across these gloves called: "Nike Men's Alpha Training Grip Gloves". They're supposed to function similar to regular fitness lifting gloves, except it comes with added features,...
Top Health Benefits of Vitamin B12

What’s With This New Trend of Vitamin B12 Shots?

Lately I am seeing a ton of ads popping up about Vitamin B12 shots being offered in beauty centers. Why are these shots becoming trendy? And why is it becoming more popular in wellness/beauty...
Slimming down legs

5 Tips to Slimmer Legs

Slimmer Legs... We all want them, but achieving this look often comes with some effort you gotta be willing to put in on the daily (in and outside of the gym). Personally, I've dealt...

H2O- Consume More

For the past two months I've been consuming 3Liters of water a day for a specific diet.  Just to break it down, my diet required consumption of at least six small bottles (20fl oz.) of...

Doesn’t Taste So Healthy Smoothie????

Decided to share one of my favorite smoothie recipes that's easy to make, and perfect for a rainy day if you're stuck at home like me.  Home all day today, and too lazy to...

Zip Lining

Visited Catalina Island midweek for a quick getaway and decided to try the zip-line tour just to get my exercise out of the way. Looks really scary but is so much fun. As soon...

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