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Equinox, Crunch, 24Hours, LA Fitness

Equinox, Crunch, 24Hours, or LA Fitness? Which GYM is best for you?

New Year is around the corner and I know some of you are ready to hit the gym. Yup... This goal makes it to most people's top ten resolution list every year, and now...
Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery – Morning Stop Today

Been stopping by Pressed Juicery quite often lately because their juices are so good.  Made of fresh fruits and vegetables with no added sugar or water, so it's a 100% juice.  They have variety...

H2O- Consume More

For the past two months I've been consuming 3Liters of water a day for a specific diet.  Just to break it down, my diet required consumption of at least six small bottles (20fl oz.) of...

Aquamarine Waters of Cancun

Relaxed at the beautiful and tranquil beaches of the Hard Rock resort in Cancun, Mexico. There was little else to do but swim at the clear aquamarine waters. The nature of this tropical heaven...

Motion-Sensored Water Fountain

Came across this really awesome motion-sensored water fountain while I was working out in Denver.  It functions as a traditional water fountain that you can drink out of or use as a motion-sensored bottle...
Healthy breakfast protein shake

Healthy Protein/Fruit Shake On The Go

Always being on the go means little or no time to make breakfast during the week. I usually eat oatmeal at work but that becomes super repetitive and boring at times. So sometimes I...

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