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Relieve Stress & Sleep

Been getting lots of people asking about the recipe of my nightly drink that I've been posting on Snapchat lately so I decided to share the recipe. I originally made this drink when I...

Flabby Arms – 5 Guided Exercises To Toning Your Arms At Home/Gym

Alright ladies! I've been getting lots of requests asking me for exercises that help tone up arms, and get rid of the flab in the back part of arms (triceps).  So I prepared some...

It’s NOT About the Size You Wear…

Let's face it... We're not all at exactly at our ideal shape or weight, but let's try to flatter what we've got now, while working towards or future weight goals.  Too often I hear...

Zip Lining

Visited Catalina Island midweek for a quick getaway and decided to try the zip-line tour just to get my exercise out of the way. Looks really scary but is so much fun. As soon...

Inverted Body Weight Rows

Although I adapt pretty well to most exercises I try or practice, I have to admit that pull-ups have always been my area of weakness. Usually I am able to do 2-4 pull-ups at...

Eat After 8pm & Veggies That Kill Stomach Fat!

Yaaay! It's almost summer.... And I've been committing to some really exclusive health & fitness meals/articles that I wanted to share with everyone. Healthy snacks to eat after 8, shrinking stomach fat, women's fitness...

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