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5 Quick & Healthy Lunch-Dishes Under $10

Hey guys! What's for lunch today? Who else hates figuring out what to eat for lunch? How about when you're on the run but also try to eat healthy... Oh, and not wanting to...

What Goes Inside A Fit Person’s Gym Bag

Spring is here and I know some of your summer goals include hitting the gym now.  If you're new to working out, or just returning after hibernating all winter long then I would recommend...
Smart Rope

“Smart Rope LED” – New technology to doing CARDIO

I hate doing cardio, and always look for new fun ways to encourage myself to do it without being on a treadmill. Jumping rope is one of my preferred ways of doing cardio because...
Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour

Apple Watch – MUST have APPs for Fitness & Health

I decided to replace my FitBit (<-- Read more) wristband that I love so much with an Apple Watch Hermès Series 2 instead. Owning my Fitbit for a while made me want to upgrade...
Equinox, Crunch, 24Hours, LA Fitness

Equinox, Crunch, 24Hours, or LA Fitness? Which GYM is best for you?

New Year is around the corner and I know some of you are ready to hit the gym. Yup... This goal makes it to most people's top ten resolution list every year, and now...

Beats Solo3 On-Ear Headphones to workout… Why Not?

Ended up getting Beats Solo3 Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones (matte edition) for the gym. Don't care of it wasn't designed for that purpose. I just love them... Been needing new headphones lately and I've been eyeing...

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