5 Thoughts To Consider Before Leaving Home

To all my female readers. Reading the above statement sort of confirmed every unexpressed thought I've ever had when coming across people while out and about. I am not talking about your internal beauty...
Hard Gel for Nails

Hard Gel Versus Acrylic Powdered Nails

I got really tired of keeping my nails short, so I decided to go back to longer nails.  It's been about a year since I have gotten acrylics on my nails so when I...

Ipsy – Monthly Glam Bag Full Of Beauty Surprises For You! <3

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is smiling since the weekend is here, and it's finally going to be sunny this weekend. :) I recently signed up with Ipsy, and am super hyped to share my experience...
Delicate Fashion Jewelry

Delicate Fashion Jewelry

"Less is more" takes a little twist when it comes to delicate fashion jewelry. I love mixing and matching several pieces together. In this photo, I am only wearing two necklaces but sometimes I...

Nails – Natural Appearance

"Almond-shape" is my favorite nail style when it come to acrylics.  This style gives me the feminine edge I love, yet is comfortable enough for running everyday errands.  I usually request the manicurist to...

Ohhh My… What a Statement!

Came across this really catchy set by  Grand Frank  called "VERONA BLACK FLORAL SET".  Loving the solid black suit mixed with the lovely floral flannel, and black tie. A tasty way of adding energy...

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