Tuesaday Isnpiration from Cancun! 

Oh and here I am dreaming away today! So much fun here don't wanna get back.???
Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Beach Days May Be Over But Not For Your Hair ??

I love the look my hair gets after being in sea water (minus the sand of course!). After a nice beach day I usually get a nice messy look on my hair but have...

Face Contouring- Daily Look

Lately I've been getting asked quiet often on how I contour my face, and what type of contouring products I use. Whenever I have more time to put effort into getting ready (like in...

bkr – SIGH

Received a new present - Bkr (pronounced “beaker”) glass water-bottle. A must have beauty essential which will encourage you to drink more water. An Eco-friendly glass bottle that is covered with silicone sleeve and comes in...

Ohhh My… What a Statement!

Came across this really catchy set by  Grand Frank  called "VERONA BLACK FLORAL SET".  Loving the solid black suit mixed with the lovely floral flannel, and black tie. A tasty way of adding energy...

Favorite look of 2015 Met Gala

Favorite look from tonight's 2015 Met Gala. This year's Gala theme was called "Chinese Whispers". Loved, loved, loved Rihanna's Asian inspired all-white look. She pulled it off so well!

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