bkr – SIGH

Water bottles can be trendy


Received a new present – Bkr (pronounced “beaker”) glass water-bottle. A must have beauty essential which will encourage you to drink more water. An Eco-friendly glass bottle that is covered with silicone sleeve and comes in many vibrant colors (color in image is called “sigh”). Most of their releases are limited edition and based on runway trends in New York, London, Paris, and Milan.

My bottle is 1liter which means fewer refills throughout the day. Read more about ways of consuming more water through my previous post (https://fit2fash.com/h2o-consume-more/). Bkr comes in 16oz bottles as well – the size you’ll see most celebs carrying nowadays.

Bkr bottles are also BPA-free so no harmful chemicals leaking into your water. Perfect accessory to add a pop of color to your outfit or carry during work out. I love that it doesn’t leak or sweat when I store in my bag.

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