Hey guys!!! Some of you have been asking my blogs lately. It’s been quiet some time since I’ve had a chance to post here because I have been super tied-up with producing more fitness content outside of the blog.  Concurrently, I’ve been trying different channels of social media platforms to deliver fitness content instead of the blog to see what works best.

I seem to be getting lots of helpful feedback on Instagram so Thank You if you’re one of the people supporting me there.  And if you’re looking for more workout video’s and don’t already follow me on IG please be sure to check out my page there as I am posting a new workout videos at least once a week (@fit2fash). I would love your support!

As for blogging, I am back to posting here again at least once/twice a month. I have wrapped up some of my side projects so that I can have more time to focus on blogging again. I am excited to be back because as you know I do love to write, and I can actually share a lot more details about fitness here that I don’t have the space to share on IG. As always please email or comment below on what fitness content you guys would like to have me review or focus on, and I’ll be glad to look into it.


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