Acai Bowl
Acai Bowl
Every time I pick up an Acai Bowl for lunch I get lots of people wondering what I am eating. It looks pretty good, but most don’t really know what it’s made of even after I tell them what it’s called (don’t worry I did my own research when I first came across it). SO… what is Acai, what makes it so special, and why do I love it to sooo much?

Acai is a berry-type fruit which grows on Acai Palm trees in Brazil. The fruit is like most other berries (small in size) and is mainly covered in seed (not edible seeds). It tastes like berries, has a bit of a chocolate taste afterwards but what makes it so special is the health benefits you get by consuming it.

Acai helps maintain healthy functions of organs, increases energy and stamina, helps maintain/achieve healthy skin and hair, helps one sleep better, acts as a anti-inflammatory, reduces body soreness, and helps rejuvenate your mind and body.

Oh and lots of consumption of the fruit helps slow the aging process. So Yes!!! I am all about consuming more and more of it.

Some fun highlights about Acai that I’ve discovered through past research:

  • In 2005, Oprah named Acai the #1 Super Food, saying: “This little berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world.”
  • “Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, açaí is thought to be one of the most nutritional fruits of the Amazon basin.” New York Times, 8/4/2004
  • Acai has 10 Times the antioxidant power of red grapes and twice that of blueberries.

The down side of Acai is that it can get a bit pricey if you want to consume it all the time.  Acai spoils within 24 hours of being picked from the Acai Palm tree. To preserve its nutrients pulp gets frozen immediately after being picked off the tree and ships to other countries in special freezer containers. That’s what makes it so pricey.

I usually get a bowl mixed with fruits and granola bowl ($10 for the one in the image) from my local fitness juice-bar (Equinox). I also find it to be a great source of protein after working out.  So you can usually find the fresh fruit in Wholefoods markets or juice bars. Acai supplements are also available in a capsule form but the process of turning it into powder can kill its nutritious benefits.   I am currently looking for a good  brand that doesn’t kill its nutritious benefits. I will definitely share the link once I find one I trust, I try it and like it. Stay tuned.



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