With all the holidays around in the last few months I stopped paying attention to what I eat as much as I used to, and decreased my work-out sessions to 3 times a week instead of the usual 4-5. On top of that, I stopped focusing on ab exercises since I usually take a break from abs during the winter season.  Although now that Spring and Summer are around the corner, I am putting together a little ab challenge for myself. 

I decided to go on an ab challenge to get myself back into the habit of eating healthy again so I can prevent myself from going overboard. I took a photo of my abs this morning as my before photo. I still have my lines from before but not so much of the cuts for individual packs. (Of course this image was taken early this morning before eating so my tummy looks flatter). I am not a big fan of having precise cuts when it comes to abs for myself… I mainly enjoy having a flat tummy and a little bit of a definition or outlining of the abs.

My challenge is to focus on the bottom part of my abs to become consistent with the top part and to lose some of the access bulge that I have gained… probably from drinking more alcohol during the holidays. Also, I’ll try to even out the overall appearance of the packs to look more consistent throughout, and defined. I am going to put together a series of ab exercises that I will try for the next few weeks. I will put together the types of exercises I’ll be doing, the amount of sets and repetitions, diet changes involved, and maybe even photos or a video of the program. Also will be posting pictures of the results afterwards.  Stay tuned….  🙂


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